Georgetown Brawls With Chinese Basketball Team On “Goodwill” Trip (Pics)

The Georgetown University men’s basketball team is in the middle of what school officials are calling a “goodwill” exhibition trip to China. Only problem is, no one bothered to tell any of the players about this “goodwill” stuff.

Last night the Georgetown Hoyas played the Bayi Rockets, and things got a little heated. GU guard Jason Clark took exception to a hard foul by Bayi forward Hu Ke, so he let him hear about it. Either Hu Ke speaks english, or Clark provided adequate hand gestures, because next thing you know the benches cleared and a pro wrestling match broke out. Fans were throwing water bottles at Georgetown players, and somebody hit senior center Henry Sims with a chair.

Of course, that hard foul by Hu Ke was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Earlier in the game, while Hoyas coach John Thompson was shouting instructions to his players, Rockets forward Xu Zhonghao walked up to him and, in the words of the Washington Post reporter who was at the game, began “berating” him. Needless to say, Thompson was stunned.

I guess these things happen in basketball, but really? All these college kids and no one knows the meaning of “goodwill”?

Here are some photos of the melee, courtesy of Chinese website

Hat Tip – [Washington Post]

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