Brilliant Animated Reenactment Of Georgetown’s Brawl In China (Video)

Man, this story about the dust-up between the Georgetown men’s basketball team and the Bayi Rockets just keeps getting better and better.

You may recall that, yesterday, we brought you photos and video of the brawl that broke out during a game on the Hoyas’ “goodwill” trip to China. Well, today we’ve got something even better for you: a computer animated explanation for and reenactment of said brawl.

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According to this video, the hard-partying college basketball players from GU were treated unfairly by the refs and utterly brutalized by the Chinese players—with the aid of some rather violent Pandas, of course. Eventually, the warring parties took the brawl outside, where scared Chinese men in suits tried to placate the angry Americans by offering cups of Starbucks coffee.

This classic bit of viral video genius is yet another amazing production from Taiwan-based Next Media Animation, or NMA. In case you don’t know, NMA has found a niche producing (intentionally) hilarious CGI reenactments of popular news stories. They first gained fame with their reenactment of the Tiger Woods car accident, and have since produced excellent reenactments of other famous sports celeb mishaps. (Like this one. Oh, and this one.)

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