Brock Lesnar Announces Return To UFC By Blowing Prairie Dogs To Smithereens (Video)

So, it looks like former WWE wrestler turned former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesner is officially headed back into The Octagon.

Lesner, who hasn’t fought since October of last year, announced his intentions in a YouTube video released yesterday. In the video, he and some pals use unsuspecting wild prairie dogs as targets to test various calibre bullets from Fusion Ammunition. Because, you know, using a cantaloupe or some other non-living object just wouldn’t have cut it.

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I would like to have been in the room when Brock and his associates came up with this plan to announce his return.

Friend 1: “So Brock, how you wanna announce your comeback, man?”
Lesnar: “I dunno, dude, just hold a press conference I guess.”
Friend 2: “No way, man. Press conferences are so old-fashioned. You gotta do something on the internets. Like on Twitter or YouTube or something.”
Lesnar: “Hell, you’re right. But what?”
Friend 1: “Well, how ’bout we get us some Jimmy John’s and some Jack Links, go out to the some field in the middle of nowhere, and shoot us a bunch of prairie dogs. Then, you can talk about how you’re comin back to UFC and stuff.”
Friend 2: “Dude, that is totally the best idea I’ve ever heard. Let’s go blow up some prairie dogs, dog!”
Lesnar: “Hell. Yes. There is NO WAY this plan could backfire.”

I’m no ethicist, but I suspect even a lot of hunters would probably frown on this.

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