Colts Players Pull Off Classic Prank At Training Camp (Pics)

For NFL fans, August is always a special time of year, full of excitement and anticipation. For NFL players? Probably not so much. After all, it’s hot as hell out there and they’ve got to practice 8 hours a day. Yeah, they get paid millions of dollars a year, but still, they’ve got a grueling schedule. So it’s no wonder there is a long-standing locker room tradition of lightening the mood by pulling pranks and hazing the newbies.

Speaking of pranks, some members of the Indianapolis Colts pulled off a real nice one yesterday on the campus of Anderson University in Indiana, where the team holds its preseason training camp. Kicker Pat McAfee first alerted the world to the prank when he tweeted this picture sometime around 9 AM yesterday:

We’re haven’t been able to figure out whose SUV got filled to the brim with packing peanuts and shrink-wrapped in cellophane, but my guess is it was not Payton Manning’s. As for who carried out the operation, well, Colts players have kept mum on that, too.

Here are some more photos:

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