Extreme Violence at 49ers-Raiders Preseason Game On Saturday (Video)

We all knew Raiders fans and 49ers fans don’t always get along, but this is flat out ridiculous.

Over the weekend, at a preseason NFL game between Bay Area rivals Oakland and San Francisco at Candlestick Park, there were two shootings and a severe beating, not to mention innumerable of “traditional” fan brawls inside and outside the stadium.

It’s one of the worst examples of fan-on-fan violence at professional sporting events in recent memory.

Both of the shootings occurred outside the stadium in the parking lots. The first shooting victim, a man wearing a “Fuck the Niners” t-shirt, was shot multiple times in the stomach and is currently listed in critical condition. The second shooting victim was found in a different area of the parking lot. This person suffered facial wounds, but is listed in stable condition.

As for the severe beating, that took place in an upper level men’s bathroom. The victim was beaten unconscious and remains in serious condition. Police have a suspect, but have made no arrests.

While authorities have yet to confirm anything, there are now reports that many of the most violent incidents from Saturday’s game may have been gang-related.

Here are two different videos of one of the game’s most brutal fan brawls:

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And here’s video of a fight between two ladies out in the parking lot before the game even started:

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Hat Tip – [Montreal Gazette]

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