Smooth Soccer Moves By Euan Holden Of Stockport County (Video)

Euan Holden is the little brother of Stu Holden, midfielder for the EPL’s Bolton Wanderers and regular on the U.S. National Team. Poor Euan must be introduced in this fashion because, playing for lowly Stockport County of the Conference National soccer league in England, the 23-year-old has yet to make a name for himself. However, if he keeps scoring goals like this, his time soon will come.

Holden splits two defenders and, when confronted with a third, does a nifty little spin-o-rama before burying the ball in the back of the net.

Now, Conference National doesn’t exactly boast the stiffest competition in the world. The league occupies the 5th tier of the English pro soccer system, and is made up of both professional and semi-professional teams. Still, on some level, slick moves are slick moves. And it’s goals like this that explain why Scotland’s national team coach Craig Levein has had an eye on Euan for a while. (You see, the Holden brothers were both born in Scotland and moved to the U.S. with their parents with a young age, making them eligible to compete for both countries.)

Check this out:

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