Which Football Team Should You Root For? (Flowchart)

As the 2011-2012 NFL season draws near, most of us already have our allegiances. However, for any new NFL fans out there in internetland, maybe you could use a hand sorting through all the teams and settling on a favorite. Lucky for you, today we came across this amazing decision flow chart by some cool dudes at Interpretation By Design. It’s entitled, “What football team should I root for?”

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In my opinion, they really nailed it right on the head. My personal favorites:

If you answer “yes” to, “I would be proud if the face of my franchise were a bunch of fat old jerks who got together to toast the failure of others every year,” your team is the Miami Dolphins.

If you answer “yes” to, “People hate me already anyway,” your team is the Dallas Cowboys.

And if you answer “yes” to “Win or lose, I am willing to cheer for a despicable human being,” your team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

Like I said, spot on.

If you still need some guidance on which team to choose (or not choose) after looking at this chart, Total Pro Sports can help. Check out this list. This one, too.

Hat Tip – [Interpretation By Design]

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