Wing Walker Falls To His Death At Michigan Air Show (Video)

Whenever I watch someone do something that looks really dangerous, I try to reassure myself that they’re professionals, that they’ve taken all the necessary safety precautions, and that “they’ve done this a thousand times.” Well, if you’re like me, after you watch this video it will be difficult to convince yourself of these reassurances in the future.

On Sunday, 75,000 people attended the Selfridge Air Show in Michigan only to become witnesses of a tragedy. Stunt man and “wing walker” Todd Green met his untimely end during a maneuver that went horribly wrong.

Warning: this video may disturb you.

Green was supposed to transfer from the wing of a biplane to a helicopter as both aircrafts flew about 200 feet above the ground. However, for some reason he either lost his footing or his grip, and the 48-year-old husband and father from Ann Arbor fell to his death.

There have been speculations as to what could have caused the seasoned wing walking veteran to fall. One theory was that the wind was too strong, another holds that a large bird seen near the plane around the time of the accident may have had something to do with it. Either way, I guarantee the next time you see an air show, you’ll be feeling a little uneasy.

Hat Tip – [Detroit Free Press]

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