Incredible One-Handed Catch By High School Wide Receiver (Video)

I’m not the biggest high school football fan. This guy is. But when I come across an incredible football play at any level, I stop and admire it.

Let me tell you, when I saw the catch you are about to see, I stopped and admired it for a pretty long time.

Last Friday, August 19, in a game between Jack Britt Buccaneers and Pinecrest Patriots in Fayetteville, NC, Jack Britt wide receiver Kenny Jenkins made what will no doubt end up being one of the greatest catches anyone sees this year—high school, college, or NFL. Just have a look.

At first you think there’s no way Jenkins catches up to that pass. Then, as he leaps forward and stretches his right arms as far as it will possibly go, you think there’s no he gets that ball under control. It’s just ridiculous. I’ve watched it 7 times and I don’t know how he did it.

That was one of only three catches for Jenkins, yet he racked up 140 yards. My guess is recruiters from the NC State Wolfpack are all over this kid.

Hat Tip – [Pep Rally]

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