LeBron James Stalls For 3 Minutes Before Finally Jumping Off Diving Platform (Video)

LeBron James has no problem humiliating his hometown’s sports fans on national television, but jumping off a 10 meter diving platform? Well, when facing that daunting task, the 26-year-old basketball star has some reservations.

The following video is from some kind of Nike-sponsored charity event at a pool in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Apparently, as part of the evening’s entertainment, King James agreed to jump into the pool from the high dive platform. Only, when he actually got up there and looked down, the Miami Heat superstar froze. The next three minutes were filled with a couple of false starts, a guy on the PA saying a bunch of stuff in Spanish, and goading chants from the crowd—all of it totally awkward. Eventually, LeBron musters up enough courage to take the leap.


Obviously, LeBron is a human being and, therefore, susceptible to typical human phobias. Still, I must admit I found myself wondering if LeBron was really afraid of heights or if, like usual, he was just buckling under pressure. (Burn!)

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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