Nate Robinson’s Son Clobbers Other Kid At Peewee Football Practice (Video)

Nate Robinson, point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is one of the shortest players in the NBA.

So I guess it wouldn’t be too surprising to discover that he has a Napolean complex that leads him to overcompensate for his small stature by being extra aggressive. The only thing is, as we see in this video, the guy also likes to live vicariously through his little boy. That’s a bit more problematic, wouldn’t you say?

What you’re looking at here is a home video shot by Robinson himself of his son’s peewee football practice. The boys are running an angle tackling drill, and it’s little Nate Jr.’s turn to go.

On his first try, he’s too slow and misses the tackle. But, being the son of a famous NBA player, he gets to cut in line and go again right away. This time he clobbers the other kid running the drill with him. Then, just for shits and giggles, they put Nate Jr. back at the front of the line one more time so he pound that other kid again.

The adults, who I presume are the coaches, just think all this is hysterical. But I bet it’s not so funny for the kid whose dad isn’t an NBA player.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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