LeBron Tweets Joke About His Receding Hairline (Picture)

Well now I don’t know what to think. First I’m all hating up on LeBron James for being an egomaniacal prick, a choke artist and, worst of all, a scaredy cat. Then he goes and makes a funny self-deprecating tweet, and my whole construct of the guy is shot to hell.

It’s almost like he’s a real-life human being with feelings and emotions and virtues and vices, and not some character in a movie. Huh. I’m going to have to ponder that for a while.

Anyway, as for the aforementioned tweet, the subject was LeBron’s receding hairline. For some reason, King James’ ongoing foray into the world of male-pattern baldness has been a trending topic on twitter. Even Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic has made a few jokes at the King’s expense. Well, yesterday LeBron showed, for once, that he doesn’t take himself too seriously all the time when he tweeted this:

Who knew the same guy he kept referring to himself in the third person during The Decision has self-awareness?

Hat Tip – [Hoop Doctors]

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