Lions Receiver Nate Burleson Taunts Cleveland Fans By Imitating LeBron’s Pre-Game Powder Toss (Video)

If you’re a pro athlete playing a game in Cleveland and you want to piss off the home fans, just make some kind of reference to LeBron James.

For example, you could put on a bald cap (because LJ’s hairline is receding) and then stop trying in the forth quarter. Or you could act like you’re on a high dive platform, but are afraid to jump off. Best yet, if you’re a football player, you could do like Nate Burleson of the Detroit Lions and mimic LeBron’s famous pre-game powder toss after scoring a touchdown.

Check out the clip:

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Now, I know it’s subtle, but after Burleson makes a nice catch for a TD against the Browns in last Saturday’s preseason game, he taunts the rabid fans in the famous Cleveland “dog pound” by pretending to shake powder into his cupped hands and then tossing the imaginary power up into the air like LeBron. In cased you missed it, it’s at the :30 mark of the video.

It didn’t look like much on TV, but it drove Clevelanders crazy.

When LeBron made his first return to Cleveland as a member of the Miami Heat this past NBA season, there was a lot of talk about whether he would do his famous powder toss or not. Well, he did, and the fans did not like it. So, Nate Burleson is probably #2 on Cleveland’s most-hated list right now.

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