Security Guard Goes MMA On Perp (Video)

Note to self: treat security guards with respect. You never know if they’re trained in Muay Thai.

On Monday night, a security guard for the Memphis Area Transit Authority opened a can of whoopass on a guy who was suspected of harassing women outside the main Memphis bus terminal. He didn’t do anything this cool (or lethal), but hey, he got himself on the evening news.

There are conflicting reports as to whether the man involved in the MMA street fight with the security guard was in fact the one who was harassing women. However, I’m going to hazard a guess and say, even if it was the wrong guy, the fine young gentleman you will meet in this video probably said something to provoke the ire of Officer Kick-Ass.

Memphis TV station ABC24 took the video of the fight to a local MMA gym and discovered that the security guard was indeed a trained fighter. They weren’t able to report the security guard’s real name, the guys he works out with said his friends call him “Karate.”

Of course, the guard’s training is evident from the first punch, even to an MMA novice. The perp keeps his hands down by his side like the cool dude he is, then he throws the first punch. Paul Blart makes a textbook block and gives a quick counterpunch. I bet the other guy knew right then and there that he was in over his head.

Hat Tip – [Cagewriter]

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