Stat Line Of The Night – 8/24/11 – Alex Avila

This is not your typical state line of the night. Detroit Tigers’ catcher Alex Avila was only 1-4 last night. So, you’re probably wondering, why does he belong here? It’s because he’s a catcher and his one hit went approximately 420 feet from home plate into the seats (after traveling to the moon).

Further, while August still has a week remaining, Avila will not play this afternoon so that he can rest, ending his streak of consecutive games catching for the Tigers at 18 games. Catchers are not supposed to catch that many games in a row, especially since one of those games went 14 innings (he caught every single inning) and two others went 10 innings. Also, during that stretch he was steamrolled on a play at the plate (and held on to the ball) and a foul ball snuck between his chest protector and mask to nail him in the neck. None of that phased Avila.

And when a catcher does catch that many games in a row, you appreciate that alone and naturally don’t expect much from him at the plate. Well, Alex Avila gave fans plenty to expect at the plate during his 18 game catching streak. He hit .393/.513/1.234 with four home runs, six doubles, and 11 runs batted in. As the OBP suggests, he almost had a walk per game, as well.  Those are just absurd numbers for a catcher who has caught that many games in a row.

And, for what he did during that streak, and last night’s tape measure home run, Alex Avila is our Stat Line of the Night for August 24, 2011.

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