BBoy McCoy, The Breakdancing Batboy (Video)

Even the most devout baseball fans will admit that sometimes—when they’re changing pitchers every five minutes; when batters call time and step out of the batters’ box to adjust their batting gloves after every pitch; when the catcher walks out to discuss his signs with a pitcher—a ballgame can be a little tedious.

Most of the time, that’s what die-hards like about the game. It gives them time to think and enjoy the company of their friends. But sometimes, even the most patient souls might get a little bored, especially if they’re actually at the game and can’t flip channels to see what The Bachelor is up to.

The Texas Rangers understand. So they hired this guy: BBoy McCoy, the Texas Rangers’ breakdancing batboy.

Of course, they call him a “batboy,” but I didn’t see him picking up any bats.

Still, I’m getting pretty tired of those bubbly girls in short-shorts who come around and shoot t-shirts out of a cannon (because I never get a t-shirt). I would love it if my local MLB franchise replaced them with a breakdancing batboy. Just keep the announcers away from the dancing.

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