Elaborate Home Run Celebration At The Little League World Series (Video)

At the risk of sounding really old, isn’t anyone teaching kids about a little thing called sportsmanship these days?

At the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, the team from the Netherlands performed an elaborately choreographed celebration after a home run by Phayson Antonio. After smashing an opposite field long ball, Antonio rounds the bases and comes to home plate where his teammates have gathered, waiting for him. When he jumps on home plate, they all fall down.

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Cute, right? But here’s the thing. This wasn’t a walk-off bomb. The Netherlands were the away team, and it was only the top half of the last (6th) inning.

I bet the other team really enjoyed being showed up like that right in the middle of the game, huh?

Now, I don’t blame the kids for this unsportsmanlike display. First, why the hell are Little Leaguers allowed to leave the dugout during the game at all? Second, do their coaches not have common sense? Third, they were probably just imitating antics like this from MLB:

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Luckily in the case this Little League game, the home team had the last laugh. They won the game 8-7 with a rousing 5-run rally in the bottom half of the inning. No word as to whether they performed any choreographed celebrations.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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