Soccer Player Pimp Slaps Ref In Paraguay (Video)

Don’t like the call? Slap the linesman in the face. Open-handed. Like a pimp.

That’s what Brazilian soccer player Diogo did recently in a match between the Montevideo Wanderers and Danubio of the Paraguayan Primera Division.

You can’t quite tell from the video, but apparently Diogo kicked one of his opponents or, more importantly, it appeared as though he did to the linesman who issued a red card. As Diogo and some of his Montevideo teammates argued the call, the Brazilian flat out loses it and slaps the official across the face. You don’t need to be a Spanish speaker to understand that the announcers are absolutely dumbfounded at this turn of events.

Now, you have to give Diogo credit for owning up to the horrible lapse in judgment after the game. He told Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, “I’m very sorry and I was wrong. Even my mother who was in Brazil watched what I did.” He also said he tried to call the official four times in order to apologize, and that he was in tears as he left the field.

As for the linesman, sure, it was a bad day at the office. But it could have been worse. At least he wasn’t chased off the field by the entire team.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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