Stat Line Of The Night – 8/25/11 – New York Yankees

I guarantee the New York Yankees did something yesterday that you, your dad and your grandpa have never seen before in a MLB game.

The New York Yankees made history in their rout over the Oakland A’s by slugging not one, not two, but three grand slams. The Yankees, who trailed by six runs at one point in the game, used the never-seen-before three grand slams to beat the A’s by an embarrassing score of 22-9.  22 runs is the most the A’s have allowed since moving to Oakland in 1968.

Second baseman Robinson Cano, catcher Russel Martin, and center fielder Curtis Granderson each slugged four-run four baggers, making the Yankees the first team in Major League history to hit three grand slams in one game. Cano’s grand slam came in the 5th inning off of Rich Harden, Martin hit one the very next inning, and Granderson’s grand slam in the 8th put the Yanks in the MLB record books. It was the fourth time in Yankees’ franchise history they’ve hit at least two grand slams.

In addition to the 22 runs scored and record slams, the Yankees banged out 21 hits, walked 13 times, and even allowed longtime catcher Jorge Posada make his debut at second base once the lead was safe. The New York Yankees are easily your stat line of the night for August 25, 2011.

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