Samoa’s Sogelau Tuvalu Gives Us The Worst Performance In Sprinting History (Video)

In the world of sprinting, if your 100-meter time is over 10 seconds, there is a good chance no one will ever really know who you are.  However, if you just so happen to record a time over 15 seconds, you could be the biggest thing to hit the track since Usain Bolt.

With that being said, I guess you can consider Sogelau Tuvalu of American Samoa to be that “next biggest thing,” both figuratively and literally.

After failing to qualify for the shot put event at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, Tuvalu entered the 100-meter sprint competition, but didn’t fair much better.  In his first, and only, heat, the 17-year-old cl0cked in at a time of 15.66 seconds, easily good enough for last place.  However, after watching him struggle through the opening 20 meters, I am actually surprised he was able to reach the finish line before they cleared the stadium and turned the lights out.

Here is a look at Tuvalu’s performance.

Hat Tip – [Yahoo!]

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