Player Receives Costly Penalty For TD Tribute To Deceased Friend (Video)

As much as Roger Goodell seems to hate touchdown celebrations, even he could sympathize with the Louisville High football players who were penalized for their touchdown celebration following what appeared to be the game-winning touchdown during a game against Cleveland Walsh Jesuit High.

Trailing by four with only 1:15 remaining, Louisville scored a touchdown to put them up by a score of 26-24.  After the group celebration in the end zone dispersed, Alex Schooley and Gavin Lovejoy pointed to the sky as a tribute to a late friend who had passed away in a car accident only days before the season began.  What was supposed to be a heartwarming gesture was viewed as anything but by the officials, who penalized Louisville for “excessive celebration.”

After missing the two-point conversion, Louisville kicked off from 15 yards back, and it proved costly, as Cleveland Walsh Jesuit High kicked a game-winning field-goal with no time remaining, giving them the 27-26 victory.

While most of you may be asking yourself how the officials deemed Schooley and Lovejoy’s gestures to be excessive, I’m still can’t help but wonder why Louisville would go for the two-point conversion, rather than simply kick the extra point and take a three-point lead?

Hat Tip – [Prep Rally]

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