Is This Fox Sports Skit On USC Football Funny Or Racist? (Video)

Colorado and Utah are set to join the Pac-10 for the upcoming 2011 NCAA football season, so Fox Sports decided to track down some students at the University of Southern California in an attempt to see how they felt about their conference’s newest additions.  But rather than locating students who actually knew something about college football, they targeted Asian students who were clearly unfamiliar with the finer points regarding their school’s prestigious football program.

Are you seriously telling me that they couldn’t find one non-Asian student who didn’t have a clue what the Pac-10 is or who its newest members are?  I have no problem with including race in skits when it is done in good humor (especially for those races involved), but this isn’t even funny.  Although, I guess this is pretty much what many of us have come to expect from Fox these days.

Here is a look at the skit.  What do you think?

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