Need A Used Car? Biz Markie And Kevin Youkilis “Got What You Need” (Video)

Red Sox fans have adopted Biz Markie’s popular hit, “Just a Friend,” and turned it into a theme song for third baseman Kevin Youkilis, with a few minor changes to the refrain.

Local car dealer Herb Chambers decided to cash in on this odd pairing, as he brought in both Youkilis and Biz Markie for the making of their newest commercial.

As far as cheesy car dealership commercials go, this one certainly surpasses those from Mercedes Benz Alexandria staring Bruce Boudreau in hilarity, while falling short in terms of cheesiness.  After all, anything that has Biz Markie dressed like George Washington is pretty damn cool in my books.

Hat Tip – [NESN]

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