Caroline Wozniacki Give Us Her Best “Rafael Nadal Cramping Up During A Press Conference” Impression (Video)

By now most of us have seen Rafael Nadal’s press conference cramp-up video, which is bound to place him among the likes of John Tortorella, Wes Welker and Derek Anderson for “strangest press conferences” over the course of the past year.

Now that we know it was only a cramp Nadal had suffered, it is nice to see that some of his fellow tennis mates are getting a good laugh from the incident.  Caroline Wozniacki, the top-ranked female player, was among those poking fun at Nadal, as she decided to provide reporters with her best imitation of the second-seeded Spaniard following her fourth round victory at the US Open.

Perhaps next time Wozniacki decides to immitate Nadal, she should do so by winning a Grand Slam title, something she hasn’t been able to do during her WTA career…Sorry Caroline, but it had to be said.

Here is a look at Wozniacki imitating Nadal.

And for those of you who haven’t seen Nadal’s epic press conference cramp, here it is.

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