13 Hot NFL Cheerleaders To Watch In 2011

The 2011 NFL season starts this Thursday, and we here at Total Pro Sports have all the info you really need—like which hot cheerleaders you should keep your eye on this season. Now, everyone knows the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the NFL’s #1 squad, and sure enough, they are well represented on this list. But the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders don’t have a monopoly on sexiness. There are lots of other girls cheering for other teams that are plenty hot. So many, in fact, that it was no easy chore to put this list of the top 13 together. I mean, it was just hours and hours of looking at photo after photo of ridiculously gorgeous NFL cheerleaders. But someone had to do it so you could be ready for the new season, and I was up to the challenge. So, enjoy.

13. Dresdynn & Schuyler (Houston Texans)

To be quite honest with you, it’s likely that neither of these lovely ladies would have cracked this list on their own. But you cannot deny the awesome hotness of twins. And Houston Texans Cheerleaders Dresdynn and Schuyler are most definitely twins. The Texans website doesn’t even bother making a distinction between the two, listing them together as one entity rather than as individuals.

12. Sunni Cranfill (Dallas Cowboys)

Sunni is the first of three Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (DCC) on this list. That may seem like a lot for such a short list, but trust me, I could easily have included seven or eight. Including only three was just my way of being charitable to the rest of the league. Oh, and as for Sunni, this will be the Texas native’s 3rd season cheering for “America’s Team.”

11. Annie (Oakland Raiders)

Ignore the ridiculous poofy shirt some idiot stylist with the Raiderettes has made poor Annie wear in this photo. Focus instead on her big beautiful brown eyes. And her cleavage. (Oh who am I kidding. You’re way ahead of me, aren’t you?)

10. Sam (Miami Dolphins)

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders are the only other NFL squad to get two members on this list. Sam here made the cut because of her conspicuously impressive rack. But there’s more to her than that, of course. She also studies Communications (shocking, right?) and has two pet akitas named Allie and Achilles. And did I mention her rack? I did? Okay.

9. Erica (Philadelphia Eagles)

Erica is one lean, mean, sexy football cheering machine. It’s a shame she has to cheer for the Eagles, though. Those Philly fans have been known to boo ball girls and throw snowballs at Santa Clause. I doubt they’d show too much mercy toward an Eagles cheerleader if she messed something up.

8. Jessica (New York Jets)

Jessica really is has the all-American girl next door thing going for her. As a bonus, she really opens up and lets us have a peak at the “real Jessica” on her official Jets Flight Crew Cheerleaders bio. For example, she admits to the world that here favorite good is grilled chicken salad (very brave of her to admit) and that her perfect date would include—are you ready for this?—a walk on the beach. What a nut!

7. Jordan Chanley (Dallas Cowboys)

Jordan Chanley is looking pretty damn fine posing in that red bikini for the 2011 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Calendar. Then again, would you expect anything less from the DCCs? No, I didn’t think so. (Note to self: write letter to NFL suggesting cheerleaders wear bikinis during games.)

6. Brianne (Buffalo Bills)

I suppose if you’re the Buffalo Bills, you have to have smoking hot cheerleaders like Brianne. What else are the fans going to do? Watch the Bills?

5. Jennifer (Miami Dolphins)

Meet Jennifer, the second Miami Dolphins Cheerleader to make the list. I would like to have been more egalitarian and included cheerleaders from all the teams on this list. But what can I say, not all NFL cheerleading squads are created equal. It’s likely that, in the case of the Dolphins, being able to draw on the local talent pool of Miami has something to do with the overall hotness of the cheerleading squad.

4. Ashton Torres (Dallas Cowboys)

I know what you’re thinking: first Ashton wasn’t a name at all. Then Ashton Kutcher came along, and it was a dude’s name. Now you meet Ashton Torres, here, and you discover it can also be a chick’s name. So the question is, who wears “Ashton” better—that doofus married to Demi (also not a name) Moore, or sexy bikini-clad Ms. Torres here? That settles it, then. Ashton is a girl’s name. Sorry Mr. Kutcher.

3. Ashley (New England Patriots)

I always kind of hated the Patriots. But now how can I hate them if Ashley here is cheering for them? I mean, is she not just ridiculous? Let’s hope she doesn’t follow in the footsteps of other Patriots cheerleaders before her.

2. Marlana Aref (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

And now I’m a Bucs fan apparently. Or at the very least, I’ll be watching a lot of Bucs games this season, thanks to Marlana Aref. Like just about every cheerleader in the NFL, Marlana has a background in dance and is working toward some sort of degree. However, Marlana’s remarkable hotness sets her apart from the ordinary hot women that make up most of the NFL’s cheerleading squads.

1. Mila (Washington Redskins)

What would the NFL season be like without Washington Redskins cheerleader Mila? It would suck. In fact, it is my belief that Mila alone is responsible for over half of the league’s television revenue in 2010. Just try to prove me wrong.

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