Amir Sayoud Gives Us The Worst Penalty Kick Ever (Video)

Shooting a soccer ball on a goal that is 8-feet tall and 24-feet wide from only 36-feet away doesn’t seem like such a tough task for anyone with a reasonable amount of athleticism in their genes.  I therefore can’t help but wonder why professional soccer players, who have tons of athleticism and practice the game everyday, feel the need to concentrate on tricking the goalie during a penalty kick, rather than simply blasting the ball by him.

Fortunately for us, the fans, some of these embarrassing efforts have provided even more embarrassing outcomes.  Al-Ahly striker Amir Sayoud learned that lesson when his attempt to ‘psych-out’ the Kima Aswan keeper during an Egypt Cup match resulted in a horrible miss, a faceplant, and a yellow card.

Although Sayoud was an obvious loser on this day, the rest of his team would come away winners thanks to a 4-0 victory.

Here is a look at the failed penalty kick.

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]

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