Little Girl Uses Spelling Bee To Explain How Stupid The BCS Is (Video)

If you are among the many who already feels as though the BCS is a joke, watching a young girl by the name of Boise ask why she placed fourth in the spelling bee, despite doing better and spelling more words correctly than the three children who placed above her, should help reinforce your previous beliefs.

You see, Boise did everything that was asked of her, as she spelled each word she was confronted with correctly.  However, spelling easier words (strength of schedule), living in a weaker neighborhood (weaker conference), and a lack of prestige behind her name (smaller school) were all factors that contributed to her fourth place finish, but she wasn’t willing to settle for roses or a chicken breast from Chick-fil-A.  She wanted first place, and the entire bag of Tostitos that come with it.

Whether you are a BCS lover or hater, I suggest you check out this creative piece by Sean Keeley.

Hat Tip – [Vimeo]

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