Sidney Crosby Held A Press Conference Today, And No He Did Not Announce He Is Gay (Video)

With everyone wondering what the status of Sidney Crosby is entering the 2011-12 NHL season, the Pittsburgh Penguins’ captain help a press conference at the Consol Energy center earlier today to update the media and his fans on his health and progress as he attempts to return from a concussion he sustained in January.

Among the things Crosby did mention was that he is still getting headaches and he will not return to action until he is 100% healthy and clear of any symptoms.  According to himself and the doctors he has been working with, Crosby isn’t quite ready to take the next step and engage in contact drills, and that time may not come for a while.  At the moment, they will continue to monitor his progress, and only when they feel he is 100% will they test his ability to initiate and receive contact and play at game-speed.

When asked if there was a chance that he would never play another game in the NHL, Crosby responded by saying that it was a “very slight chance” and that he “wouldn’t bet on it.”

One thing that Crosby failed to mention during his press conference was whether or not he was gay.  As a result, I would assume the prank-caller from the clip below was left feeling as though there are still some questions that need to be answered.

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