Blue Jays Fans Take Part In Entertaining Hunt For Hidden Foul Ball (Video)

You will often find the 500 level of the Rogers Center deserted during the final month of the Major League season, as the Blue Jays tend to find themselves well out of the playoff picture by that point each season.  So when Jose Bautista drilled a foul ball into the upper deck during last night’s game against the Boston Red Sox, as you might expect, it just so happened to land in a bunch of empty seats.  However, as we have seen several times already this season, fans at baseball games will do just about anything to ensure that they don’t leave the ballpark without a souvenir baseball in their hands.

That resulted in a hunt between several Jays fans who had flocked to the section in the upper deck of the Rogers Center near the left field foul pole in an attempt to locate the hidden ball.  And after a long search, and some help from the rest of the fans inside the Rogers Center, one lucky fan was finally able to come away with the ball and some television face time.

Here is a look at the hunt for Bautista’s foul ball.

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