Orioles Mascot Stretches And Has A Word With Curtis Granderson (Video)

It can be tough to grab the attention of a New York Yankees superstar for long enough to have a meaningful conversation with them, but the Baltimore Orioles mascot was able to use the perks of his profession(?) to do just that prior to yesterday’s game between the Orioles and the Yankees.

While Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson was busy stretching in the outfield, the Oriole decided to accompany him.  From afar it appeared to be a classic case of a mascot attempting to get a laugh from the young fans by imitating an opposing player, but from up close it was quite obvious that the Oriole simply wanted to have a word with the AL MVP candidate.

It is hard to believe that the Oriole would have received a warm reception had he confronted Alex Rodriguez, but Granderson actually seemed very willing to engage in a friendly conversation with the man behind that giant bird mask.  That is probably one of the reasons why he was voted one of the friendliest players in Major League Baseball, according to a Sports Illustrated poll of 290 players.

Here is a look at Granderson’s one-on-one with the Oriole.

Hat Tip – [MLB.com]

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