Streaker Invades Pitch At Rugby World Cup Match (Video)

A World Cup in any sport not only offers the players involved with the opportunity to gain some attention on an international stage, but in some cases it also provides the fans with the same opportunity.  However, that opportunity is usually only afforded to fans who are willing to show off their incredible breasts (see Larissa Riquelme, Diosa Canales, Patty Orue, Irina Grandez and Daysi Araujo), or to those who make it onto the pitch during play.

One fan was able to provide us with the latter during a Rugby World Cup match between Argentina and England, and he also appeared to be willing to show of his breasts (not incredible breasts) and the rest of his body, as he ran across the field naked following a converted kick by Argentina.

Thankfully, either the camera didn’t zoom in enough, or his package was simply to small to make the following video ‘not safe for work.’  So here is a look at the SFW video of the Rugby World Cup streaker.

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