Brady-To-Welker For 99-Yards And Its Fantasy Football Implications (Video)

Not many teams would have the guts to line up with no running backs in the backfield on first-and-ten from their own one-yard line.  Then again, not many teams have Tom Brady as their quarterback.

While the play before (a Patriots goal line stand on 4th-and-goal from inside their own one-yard line) may have had a greater effect on the final outcome of this game, Tom Brady’s 99-yard touchdown pass to Wes Welker may have had more fantasy football implications than any other play in fantasy football history.  Quarterback-wide receiver combos have become coveted commodities in the fantasy world, and as a result, many owners who had taken Brady in any of the first three rounds of their respective drafts likely went after Welker in the fourth, fifth of sixth round.  And those who did were rewarded with a play that earned most owners in standard leagues approximately 26 total fantasy points.

I have already talked about how these two players led my team from 69 points down to a most improbably fantasy victory.  Here is a breakdown of the points earned on this single play:

Welker: 99 yards = 9.9 points; Touchdown = 6 points

Brady: 99 yards = 3.96 points; Touchdown = 6 points

Total: 9.9 + 6 + 3.96 + 6 =  25.86 points

Here is another look at the play that had some fantasy owners jumping out of their seats in joy, and others drowning in a pool of their own tears.

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