SMU’s Blake McJunkin Shields An Opponent’s Unprotected Head (Video)

In the game of football, players often find themselves doing everything in their power to inflict pain on their opposition.  We see this time and time again as defensive backs drive their helmets into defenseless receivers and giant defensive linemen drive unsuspecting quarterbacks into the ground.

But for every 100 times we see one of the above plays taking place, we are treated to an instance that reminds us all that for some players, sometimes the health and well-being of a fellow human is more important than the game itself.  Our latest example of this comes from Saturday’s college football game between Texas A&M and SMU.

Following a Texas A&M interception, Aggies defensive back Trent Hunter lost his helmet during the return when he was tackled by SMU center Blake McJunkin.  With Hunter’s head left exposed, McJunkin performed a humane gesture and shielded the unprotected noggin of his opponent with his arms.  Hunter had the following to say after the game:

“My helmet popped off, and I really didn’t know what had happened.  When I was watching the video later, I saw that (McJunkin) was protecting my head from any other hit. I really appreciate that gesture — it’s what sportsmanship is all about.”

In a world where athletes tend to believe that they must do whatever it takes to win, the incident in the video below should serve as a lesson to them all.  Sometimes there are more important things in life than the game being played.  One of those things should be the health of fellow players, no matter what team they are playing for.

Hat Tip – [My San Antonio]

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