The Nats Rookies Dressed Up As Smurfs Yesterday (Video)

If you were walking down the streets of New York yesterday and saw some blue-skinned characters, don’t be afraid.  Everything you witnessed in the movie Avatar is not about to take place in real life.  Instead, those blue characters you witnessed were rookies currently playing with the Washington Nationals, who were in town to take on the New York Mets.

But before they got down to business for their game Monday night, the Nats’ veterans decided to have some fun with the rookies by dressing them up as Smurfs for their flight to the Big Apple on Sunday night.

Stephen Strasburg earned the honor of dressing up as Papa Smurf, while Wilson Ramos had to settle with playing the role of Smurfette.  And would you believe that the people in New York didn’t even find their outfits strange enough to turn some heads (according to the Nats commentators)?  I guess Smurf costumes simply aren’t enough to earn a double-take in the Big Apple these days.

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