Utah Bystanders Lift Burning Car To Save Motorcyclist (Video)

Brandon Wright, 21, is alive and well thanks to several brave bystanders in Utah.

While riding his motorcycle just outside the Utah State University campus, Brandon was cut off by a black BMW, causing him to fall off his bike and slide under the car as his bike smashed into it.  With flames beginning to rise from the front end of the car, several construction workers, students and other individuals in the area came to the rescue, lifting the car and pulling Brandon’s limp body to safety before firefighters arrived on the scene.

Brandon was in critical condition immediately following the crash and was flown by helicopter to nearby Intermountain Medical Center, where he would undergo surgery on Monday night to repair a broken femur, broken tibia, broken pelvis and burns on both his feet.  He is said to be fully aware and alert and is expected to fully recover.

The entire incident was captured on film.  You can see the brave Utah citizens in action in the video below.

Hat Tip – [ABC News]

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