Mike Tyson Shares His Thoughts About Glen Rice Hooking Up With Sarah Palin (Audio)

Many of us were shocked when we first heard that Sarah Palin had hooked up with then-Michigan Wolverines basketball star Glen Rice back in 1987.  As for Mike Tyson, well he seemed more shocked at the fact that Palin opted for a “wonderful man” like Rice, rather than someone like Dennis Rodman, who is capable of “pushing her guts up in the back of her head.”

Mike Tyson spoke about the incident between Rice and Palin during an appearance on ESPN’s radio show Gridlock.  In addition to commenting about how interracial sex can help eliminate racism by making all people part-black and part-white, Tyson also noted that unlike the last Republican president, George W. Bush, Palin actually likes black people.  Well, at least she “likes them in her.”

You can check out the highlights of Tyson’s appearance on Gridlock in the video below.

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