Floyd Mayweather KOs Victor Ortiz With Cheapshot, Almost Fights Larry Merchant (Video)

Those who spent the money to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. take on Victor Ortiz for the WBC welterweight world title were treated to quite the entertaining (albeit, disappointing from a boxing perspective) sideshow.

The entertaining sideshow we are referring to began with approximately 20 seconds left in round four, as Ortiz had Mayweather against the ropes and was landing some shots on the undefeated former champion.  However, Ortiz appeared to get a little too riled up, as he let his emotions get the better of him and delivered a headbutt to the chin of Mayweather.  Ortiz was deducted a point for the illegal maneuver, but when the fight was restarted and the two met to touch gloves at the center of the ring, it appeared as though Mayweather was saying something in the ear of Ortiz, before stepping back and knocking out his unsuspecting opponent with a left-right combo.

For some reason, referee Joe Cortez was not looking at the fighters while this took place, and when his focus returned to the fighters, Ortiz was on the ground and Cortez proceeded to begin his 10-count.  The reigning WBC champion was unable to get back to his feet, and Mayweather was awarded the KO victory at 2:59 of the fourth round.

If you though that was strange, it gets better!

With the boos raining down on Mayweather, he met with a rather disappointed Larry Merchant in the ring for a post-fight interview.  Fed up with Merchant’s questions about his apparent cheapshot, Mayweather sounded off on the ringside analyst, yelling “HBO needs to fire you” and “you don’t know sh*t about boxing.”  Merchant responded by saying, “I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass.”

On the one hand, the fight just seemed to start getting interesting, as Ortiz had lost the first three rounds but appeared to have something going in the fourth round before throwing the head butt.  That left many believing that he may have been able to work his way back into the fight, had it continued.  But on the other hand, that post-fight exchange between Floyd Mayweather and Larry Merchant alone was probably worth about $30, which has left me wondering whether those of us who paid the $50 bucks to watch this fight ended up getting our money’s worth?

For those of you who didn’t get to see it, as well as those of you who want to see it again, you can catch the must-see highlights from the latter portion of the fight and the post-fight interview in the video below.

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