A Sexy Introduction To The Rules Of Rugby (Video)

With the Rugby World Cup already underway, some of you may have taken the opportunity to catch some of the action as it takes place in New Zealand.  However, for many folks who are unfamiliar with the sport, the rules of rugby can be quite hard to follow.  With all the rucking, mauling and scrumming, it can be tough to tell which team is on the offensive, which is playing defense, how a team can go from attacking to defending, and finally, how either team can put points on the board.

Thankfully, the people at Lynx have put together this easy-to-follow video explaining the basic rules for the game of rugby.  And what makes it so easy to follow, you ask?  You’ll have to take a look for yourself to find out.  If you are a fan of breasts and buns, you wont be disappointed.

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