Eagles OL Coach Celebrates TD With Cane-Aided Chest-Bump (Video)

Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach Howard Mudd is 69-years-old and can often be found hobbling around the team’s sideline with the use of his cane.  He is also expected to undergo hip-surgery sometime soon, so needless to say, his body isn’t is the greatest condition at this point in his life.  However, he still appeared to have some life in those legs of his following a LeSean McCoy touchdown run, as he and the Eagles’ star running back engaged in a leaping chest-bump celebration.

That touchdown – an eight-yard run in the third quarter – would put the Eagles up by a score of 24-21.  McCoy would add another rushing touchdown later on in the quarter, but there would be no chest-bump from Mudd the second time around, or after the game, as the Eagles failed to hold onto their 10-point lead, losing by a score of 35-31.

Here is a look at the celebration.

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