Giants Defenders Were Diving Like Soccer Players Last Night (Video)

giants fake injuriesHere is a note for the NFL and the defensive players on the New York Giants:

If I wanted to see grown men diving all over the field, I’d watch soccer.  So how about we leave the diving and injury faking antics to the boys who play the other brand of football?

With the St. Louis Rams driving down the field and utilizing a no-huddle offense to perfection in the first quarter of last night’s game, two members of the Giants’ defense decided to slow things down by taking dives at the exact same time.  Defensive back Deon Grant and linebacker Jacquian Williams appeared to be fine before suddenly hitting the deck in an attempt to give the rest of their team’s defense a breather.  What was even more pathetic than watching both players walk around in perfect health before faking the injuries was seeing Williams get up immediately after he noticed that Grant had already gone down to stop the play.

While the referees can’t hand out penalties to players who fake injuries, the league can fine those players, and as a fan of the game, one can only hope that they make those fines worthwhile before American football starts to look a lot like European football.

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