11 Hot NFL Daughters

hot nfl daughters

We here at Total Pro Sports tend to focus so much on the hot WAGs from the world of pro sports that a very important segment of hot women is often overlooked: the hot daughters from the world of pro sports. Well, this oversight ends today, because we’re bringing you a list of the NFL’s hottest daughters. Of course, not a single one of these women is a daughter of a current NFL player. That would be pretty disgusting—I may be shallow, but I’m not a pervert. Instead, these women are the daughters of coaches, owners, former players, current commentators and, as a special bonus, former cheerleaders.

So sit back and marvel at the beautiful offspring produced by North America’s most violent team sport.

11. Rachel Bradshaw
terry bradshaw's daughter
Rachel here is the daughter of Steelers great (and Fox NFL Sunday buffoon) Terry Bradshaw. She’s an aspiring country music singer who appeared on Fox’s reality-soap Nashville in 2007. I wonder if the fact that her dad is a football analyst for Fox helped her get on the show? If it did, it certainly didn’t help the show stay on the air, because it was cancelled after just two episodes. To date, judging by the fact that she doesn’t her own Wikipedia entry, I’m going to say Rachel has yet to make a splash in the country music scene. But at least she’s got her looks going for her.

10. Meredith Oden
meredith oden dallas cowboys cheerleaders
Meredith Oden is a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders—the New York Yankees of cheerleading squads. That fact in itself is awesome. But it’s even awesomer when you learn that her mother, Kim, was also a Cowboys Cheerleader. Seeing as how, in my opinion, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are as important to the history of the NFL as Vince Lombardi and Joe Montana, the daughter of a DCC definitely qualifies for this list. Congratulations, Meredith.

9. Elizabeth Montana
joe montana's daughter
Speaking of Joe Montana, it turns out that his 24-year-old daughter Elizabeth is totally gorgeous. Obviously, like any attractive woman who doesn’t have to worry about working for a living because her dad is a filthy rich Hall of Fame football player, Elizabeth is trying to become a model. Unfortunately, given that there are not a lot of Liz Montana pictures floating around out there on the internet, I’m going to guess that the modeling isn’t going that well.

8. Stephanie Turner
norv turner's daughter
Okay gentlemen, first up is an NFL daughter who’s not just for gawking at. You’re going to want to marry this girl. Not only is Stephanie Turner the daughter of San Diego Chargers coach Norv Turner, but she also runs a football blog where she tries “to provide an alternative to mainstream NFL coverage.” So, she’s hot, and you can talk to her about football. Sounds like one in a million to me.

7. Leigh Mayock
mike mayock's daughter
We know very little about Leigh Mayock. In fact, our knowledge is limited to only three facts. 1) She is the daughter of former NFL safety and current NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock. 2) She is hot. 3) She takes pictures of herself making sexy pouty lips, then puts them on Twitter. (Thanks, by the way.)

What else do we need to know?

6. Lexxi Silver
bernie kosar's daughter
Remember Bernie Kosar, former NFL quarterback? He was a QB for the Cleveland Browns from 1985-1993, then was the backup for Troy Aikman on the Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys in 1993.

So, yeah, you remember him now?

Well, his daughter is a porn star who goes by the name Lexxi Silver. The two X’s tell the whole story, don’t they? In any case, I feel bad for Bernie. Most fathers of porn stars don’t have to live with the fact that the whole world knows about it. (P.S., she’s the one on the right.)

5. Cassie Trammell
cassie tammell dallas cowboys cheerleader
Cassie Trammell is the second daughter of a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader to appear on this list. Obviously, the DC Cheerleaders are big on “legacy” hires. But as you can see, with looks like that, Cassie would have been just as likely to make the squad if her mom was an astrophysicist.

4. Deiondra Sanders
deion sanders' daughter
Neon Deion Sanders was one of the flashiest, most colorful players the NFL has ever known. It’s only fitting that he would have a wild, sexy daughter on his hands. That’s right, his daughter Deiondra is tabloid gold—whether it’s her rumored lesbian relationship with equally hot Nia Riley (daughter of music producer Teddy Riley), a rumored heterosexual relationship with Chad Ochocino, or the rumor that there are naked pictures of her floating around out there on the internet.

Poor Deion.

3. Tracy Phillips
wade phillips' daughter
This old school hottie is the daughter of former Bills, Broncos, and Cowboys head coach (and current Texans defensive coordinator) Wade Phillips. I say “old school” because Tracy here specializes in burlesque dancing and vintage pin-up style modeling (think Bettie Paige). You can clearly see from this photo how that style would be right up her alley, can’t you?

You may have crashed and burned with the Dallas Cowboys, Wade Phillips, but you made one smoking hot daughter. So it all evens out.

2. Alexa Flutie
doug flutie's daughter patriots cheerleader
QB Doug Flutie had one of the strangest football careers in recent memory. He went from from an NCAA superstar and Heisman winner, to an NFL wash out, to a CFL legend, and then, finally, back to a moderately successful NFL player.

Luckily, Doug’s daughter Alexa isn’t strange at all. She’s just straight up hot. And she’s a cheerleader for the New England Patriots, which is fan-freaking-tastic.

1. Brittny Gastineau
mark gastineau's daughter
Brittny Gastineau is the daughter of legendary Jets defensive end Mark Gastineau. She’s used her father’s fame and popularity in New York wisely, carving a career for herself as a socialite, model, and reality TV personality. (Yes, I do consider “socialite” to be a profession.)

Did I mention she is really, really hot?

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