Diego Maradona Kicks A Fan (Video)

diego maradona kicks fanIt has been a while since Diego Maradona was terrorizing his opposition with his lethal left boot.  However, that leg of his still seems to be capable of terrorizing any fan who tries to interfere with a photo of the former Argentine star.

After earning his first win in four tries as manager of the Dubai club team, Al Wasl, Maradona was hoping to get a photo taken of himself beside a sign that his daughters in Argentina and Manchester had sent, which read, “‘Grandfather I love you and I am with you,” and was signed by his grandson, Benjamin.  Unfortunately, Maradona’s photo op was being constantly disrupted by a fan who had been lifting the bottom of the banner through the fence, until he had his arm booted by the legendary striker.

Maradona later apologized for injuring the fan, but in our opinion, the annoying fan should have known better.  After all, what kind of a moron gets in the way of a man who has no problem with running over the leg of a reporter?

Hat Tip – [The Telegraph]

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