Fan Throws Banana At Flyers’ Wayne Simmons

wayne simmons banana

An ugly incident unfolded last night in London, Ontario as an entertaining game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Detroit Red Wings ended on a sour note when a fan inside the John Labatt Center threw a banana onto the ice during Wayne Simmons’ shootout attempt.

The Flyers’ forward, who is one of the few black players playing in the NHL, had already scored the game-tying goal late in the third period, and he would not allow the banana to distract him, as he made good on his shootout attempt as well.  After the game, he had the following to say about the incident.

“I’ve never had a banana thrown at me before.  That’s a first for me…I guess it’s something I obviously have to deal with being a black player playing in predominantly white sport.  I’ve grown a lot playing in this league and throughout my whole life.  I’m not going to dwell on that.”

The contest was considered a home game for the Red Wings, as the city of London is only two hours from Detroit.  It was a welcome change for the fans in London, as they usually host a Toronto Maple Leafs home game during the exhibition season, but classless acts like the one that took place last night could eventually result in neither team making a visit to the city in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no video of the incident.  If we find it, we’ll be sure to get it to you.

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