Man Tests Tony Romo’s Flack Jacket By Taking A Bat To The Ribs (Video)

tony romo flack jacketDuring an interview on Wednesday, Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall said he would be targeting the injured ribs of Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo every time his number is called on a corner blitz when the two teams meet on Monday night in Dallas.  However, if he wants to get to those ribs, he’ll have to get through two layers of carbon fiber and one layer of gel.

Should Romo play on Monday, those are the materials that he will be using to protect his broken ribs and punctured lung, which he suffered during last week’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The people at Impact Gel demonstrated the effectiveness of the flack jacket that Romo is expected to wear during the important division match-up, and if the following trial run is any indication, the quarterback will not only be protected against any hit to the ribs he takes from Hall during the game, but he will also be safe from any disgruntled, bat-wielding Cowboys fans.

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