Bears Incredible Punt Return TD Foiled By Most Unnecessary Holding Penalty Ever (Video)

How much do opposing teams respect Devin Hester?  That question can be answered by taking one look at the clip below.

It comes from yesterday’s enticing divisional match-up between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.  With the Bears trailing by ten points and under a minute remaining in the game, their only hope was to pull something out of their bag of tricks during a punt return.  It appeared as though they had done that successfully when Devin Hester attracted the entire Packers punt return squad over to him on one side of the field, while Johnny Knox received the punt on the other side of the field and took it 90 yards untouched for the touchdown.

Aaron Rodgers called it, “the most incredible play I’ve ever seen, while Greg Jennings described it as the best play he’s ever seen.  Unfortunately, the play was all for not, as a holding penalty nullified the return.  Not only was it the most unnecessary hold in the history of the game (you’ll understand what I’m talking about when you see how much room Knox had), but it also gave the entire league a sneak peak at this never-before-seen play.

Maybe they should have saved this play for another day.  Here it is.

Hat Tip – [ProFootballTalk]

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