Missed PAT Called Good, Somehow Upheld After Review (Video)

syracuse missed patInstant replay has been added to the game of football in an attempt to help eliminate the numerous amounts of blown calls by officials that seemingly take place during every game.  But can instant replay really be trusted to eliminate all blown calls?  What happens when the referees that made the mistake on the field make the same costly mistake after reviewing that very same play several times during an official review?

That scenario unfolded during Saturday’s game between Syracuse and Toledo, as a Syracuse extra point was ruled to be good, despite the fact that instant replays from ESPN show the ball clearly sailing wide left.  However, those replays were not enough to get the officials to overturn the call on the field after reviewing the play.  Syracuse went up by three points, and Toledo would hit a late game-tying (should have been game-winning) field-goal, before losing in overtime.

It can be tough to make quick decision during a fast-paced football game, and as a result, we have often tried to give officials the benefit of the doubt, but that is becoming increasingly hard to do when they can’t even get it right after looking at a replay 20 times over.

Everyone knew it was wide!  The people watching the game knew it was wide.  The commentators knew it was wide.  The Big East knew it was wide (and they admitted the officials got it wrong following the game).  Unfortunately, the only person who matters – in this case, the officials – didn’t have a clue.

Here is a look at the blown call.

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