13 Best Places To Watch College Football

best college football stadiums

Any fan of football has to admit that, if you want to understand the soul or essence of the sport, you’ve got to start with college football. Don’t get me wrong, I love the NFL. They obviously have the better on-field product and, frankly, I’m really an NFL guy at heart. But when it comes to “intangibles” like passion, rivalries, and atmosphere, there can be no doubt that the NCAA is king.

Don’t believe me? Just think about venues for a moment. How many NFL stadiums would we say are so “hallowed” as to be worthy of a pilgrimage? If you answered “one” you’d be correct. Green Bay’s Lambeau Field is the only stadium in pro football imbued with a sense of tradition and greatness.

College football, on the other hand? When I sat down to make this list of the 13 best places to watch a college football game, I couldn’t believe how many incredible places wouldn’t be making the list. Texas A&M’s Kyle Field? Not on the list. Georgia’s Sanford Stadium? Nope, not quite. Oklahoma, Clemson, Auburn, Ole Miss and the freakin Rose Bowl? Unbelievably, none of them made it. You may think this sounds crazy, but that’s how many awesome football shrines there are in the NCAA.

So without further ado (ado sucks, and there’s already been too much of it), here are the 13 best places to watch college football.