Let’s Watch Brendan Shanahan Lay Down The Law On James Wisniewski (Video)

After hiring him to replace Colin Campbell as the NHL’s head disciplinarian on June 1, 2011, Brendan Shanahan has yet to hold the position during the regular season, but he is already doing a band-up job.

Shanahan has been busy, handing out a total of five suspensions during the pre-season, which span a total of 19 pre-season games and 17 regular season games.  In addition to handing out stiffer punishments to players for their reckless hits, Shanahan has also taken it upon himself to explain in detail why each offense is worthy of the punishment it received.

James Wisniewski of the Columbus Blue Jackets was the most recent offender to suffer the wrath of Shanahan’s iron fist.  Here is a look at the NHL’s new head disciplinarian providing us with justification for Wisniewski’s 12 game suspension.

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