15 Hottest College Football Cheerleading Squads of 2011

hottest college football cheerleading squads 2011

Well, we’re almost halfway through the college football season once again. Pretty soon we’ll all be debating the merits and faults of the BCS with friends and coworkers like we do every year. But before we get to the arguing, I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the one element of college football that everyone likes: the cheerleaders.

We’ve been observing these hard working women perform their various cheers, dances and acrobatic maneuvers for four weeks now, and we’re ready to sort the pretenders from the contenders. So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Total Pro Sports’ mid-season ranking of the hottest college football cheerleading squads in the land.

15. Miami
miami hurricanes cheerleaders
Honestly, I expected the Miami Hurricanes’ cheering squad to be way higher on this list. After all, is there any sexier city in America than Miami, Florida? But I guess the Miami Hurricanes cheerleaders are in a down period like the football. Still, they’ve got these two lovely young women who, if nothing else, know how to pose for a picture.

14. South Florida
south florida cheerleaders
Hey, the South Florida Bulls are doing pretty well this year. They’re ranked pretty high (#16 in the AP after week 4) for a program that went 8-5 the last three seasons. Maybe this success has something to do with these hot cheerleaders? If nothing else, hot cheerleaders have to help with recruiting, right?

13. Clemson
clemson tigers cheerleaders
I’m not a Clemson fan, so I don’t really give a crap about Howard’s Rock. It’s the purple shorts and the cute girls wearing them that have drawn my attention to this picture. They (the shorts and the cute girls) make me want to move to the south. Well, that and the barbecue.

12. LSU
LSU cheerleaders
I don’t know if they just put the girls with the sexiest abs in the front row, or what, but this is one hell of a team photo. Thank you, Louisiana State University, for admitting so many ridiculously fit women to your school and then putting them on your cheerleading squad. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

11. Florida State
fsu cheerleaders
FSU is another school I expected to do pretty well on this list, given its reputation as one of the nation’s—nay, one of the world’s—top party schools. And, unlike Miami, this “institution of higher learning” did not let me down. They don’t rank as high as I would have though, but they are still pretty great. Of course, any cheerleading squad would be on this list with a girl that looks like this, don’t you think?

10. North Carolina
north carolina cheerleaders
Holy hell, look at this cheerleading uniform! It certainly flatters this lovely cheerleader’s figure. But I guess they had to do something to get people to come out and watch the North Carolina Tar Heels play football.

9. USC
USC song girls cheerleaders
The University of Southern California Song Girls are one of the nation’s legendary cheerleading squads. Sadly, they are not quite what they used to be. They’re still good enough to slide in at #9 on this list, but a decade ago they almost certainly would have been in the top three. Maybe cross-town rival UCLA (#5) has been poaching hotties away from the USC board of admissions? Or maybe USC just aint what it used to be since Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush left for the NFL.

8. Missouri
mizzou cheerleaders
Now here is one I didn’t see coming. If you told me a midwestern college was going to make this list, I would probably have guessed Iowa, or maybe Wisconsin. Whenever I line about “Midwest farmers’ daughters” in the Beach Boys song, those are the states that comes to mind. But what do you know, the Mizzou Tigers have some damn hot cheerleaders. I mean, just look at that lineup—not one of those girls is even average. They’re all exceptional.

7. Texas
texas football cheerleaders
I’m not sure these Texas Longhorns cheerleaders are hotter than their Big 12 counterparts from Missouri. But they’re outfits include chaps. That right there is worth a bump of one or two places in the rankings. But also, yes, these ladies are quite attractive.

6. TCU
hot TCU cheerleader
Is your jaw okay? Because when I saw this incredibly hot Texas Christian University cheerleader, my own jaw hit the damned desk. TCU’s mascot may be the Horned Frog, but it might as well be the Horny Frog. (You knew that joke was coming as soon as you saw TCU on the list, right?)

UCLA Cheerleaders
hot UCLA cheerleaders

See what I mean? I think UCLA is stealing all of USC’s hot girls. I guess after Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush left, there was just no reason to go to an academically inferior more expensive school. So all the attractive California girls just headed West along the Santa Monica Freeway to Westwood. (In case you didn’t realize it and are confused, USC and UCLA are both in Los Angeles.)

4. Baylor
hot baylor cheerleaders

baylor cheerleaders
Of all the big football schools in Texas, I wouldn’t have thought the Baylor Bears TCU horned Frogs would have the hottest cheerleaders. But as you can clearly see, the evidence is irrefutable. The Baylor cheerleaders are the best of the bunch. I mean, they are just downright smokin. What is it with Christian colleges?

3. Alabama
alabama cheerleaders
hot alabama cheerleader

If you ask me, the Alabama Crimson Tide have the classiest looking hot cheerleaders in the country. They’ve just got that quintessential look of Southern charm and hospitality. So whatever they’re doing down there in Tuscaloosa, I hope they keep it up.

2. Arizona State
arizona state cheerleaders

hot arizona state cheerleader

Party schools in temperate climates are babe magnets. If you need proof, just look at the Arizona State cheerleaders. Every single one of them: crazy hot. The outfits don’t even have to be outrageous to show it off, either. These girls would look gorgeous in potato sacks. (Though I don’t recommend that, on account of the chaffing.)

1. Oregon
#1 oregon cheerleaders 2
#1 oregon cheerleaders 1

When the hell did a school with such stupid colors and garish football uniforms get such incredibly attractive cheerleaders? And how? For a long time the Ducks were a novelty on the college football scene. Then one day, all of a sudden, they’re a top program and their cheerleaders are absolutely legendary. Yes, the super skimpy outfits help, but like the Sun Devils, the Ducks cheerleaders are so hot they would look good no matter what.

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