Booty Bus Gives Detroit Lions’ Tailgaters A Strip Club Experience (Video)

booty loungeIf you have been to a Detroit Lions game recently and you saw a large red bus with tinted windows parked outside the stadium prior to the game but decided not to go in, you missed out.

They call it the booty bus, and for a $10 entry fee, men are allowed to bring their beers inside during Lions tailgating parties and watch the women in the bus strip for them.  The strippers can be seen walking around in their skimpy shorts and stiletto shoes outside the bus, but once they go inside, all of their clothes quickly come off as they entertain the paying customers.

The booty bus has only recently been introduced to Lions home games, but it may not be around for much longer.  Reports indicate that police may soon shut down the operation, which has been operating on city property – next to Detroit’s Eastern Market, approximately half a mile from Ford Field – without proper permission or licensing.

I usually wouldn’t advise someone to attend a Detroit Lions game, but with the team currently boasting a 3-0 record and strippers entertaining fans prior to the game for only $10, it appears as though the Lions are quickly becoming one of the hottest tickets in the NFL.

And in case you were wondering, their next home game is on October 10, against the Chicago Bears.  You may want to catch a game before they kiss the booty bus goodbye.

Here is a report on the bus from Click On Detroit.

Hat Tip – [Sports Illustrated]

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